Contest 'Beautiful Life' [You Can Win a T-shirt or Hoodie]

Contest 'Beautiful Life' [You Can Win a T-shirt or Hoodie]

Hello to all!

I decided to give t-shirts and hoodies to my subscribers (fans), for this I organize a contest 'Beautiful Life' (this is the name of the music track that is part of the 'Amazing World' album).

All you have to do is press the button (Like) and write a (comment) on music video "Beautiful Life". 10 people will receive 10 T-shirts and 5 people will receive 5 hoodies.

Music video "Beautiful Life":

Contest Terms:

  1. When this 'Beautiful Life' music video gets 500 likes and comments, 5 people will receive one T-shirt.
  2. When this 'Beautiful Life' music video gets 1000 likes and comments, 5 more people will get one t-shirt.
  3. When this 'Beautiful Life' music video gets 2000 likes and comments, 5 people will receive one hoodies or sweatshirt.

Contest Rules:

  • The participant must press the button (Like).
  • The participant must comment on this video.
  • Only one participant can win one item.
  • All people who see this message can participate (except for a number of countries that are listed at the bottom of the message).

How will the winner be chosen? I will randomly choose the winners who commented on this video.

What items will you receive? The winner of the competition can choose any t-shirt, mug or sweatshirt from the 'Amazing World' collection in my shop.

Share this video with your friend! Your friends can also participate in this contest, so share this video with your friends. It will also speed up the process.

People who live in countries where I cannot send gifts cannot participate in this contest: Crimea, Luhansk, and Donetsk regions in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Ecuador, Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Brunei, Chad, Laos, Libya, Mongolia, Samoa, South Sudan, Timor-Leste, Turkmenistan, Yemen.

I wish good luck to all participants!

Aleksandr, AShamaluevMusic,

Music Track "Beautiful Life" by AShamaluebMusic. Listen & Free Download & Commercial Use:

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